HV Systems

Current transformer

Current Transformers (CT) are used for current metering and protection in high voltage network systems. They transform the high current on the high voltage side into low current (1 or 5 A) adequate to be processed in measuring and protection instruments (secondary equipment, such as relays and recorders).

A current transformer also isolates the measuring instruments from the high voltage of the monitored circuit. Current transformers are commonly used for metering and protection in the electrical power industry. Suppose you have one CT with current ratio 400/1 A and its protection core is situated at 500 A. If the primary current of the CT becomes 1000 A the secondary current will still be 1.25 A as because the secondary current will not increase after 1.25 A because of saturation. If actuating current of the relay connected the secondary circuit of the CT is 1.5 A, it will not be operated at all even fault level of the power circuit is 1000 A.

Rated primary current: 20 to 4000 A Rated secondary current: 5 or 1 A