LV Systems

Low Voltage Panel Board

An Electrical equipment requires initial and periodic verifications of its installations. The electrical switchboard and all its equipment continue to age whether they operate or not. Ageing is due primarily to the influence of the environment and the operating conditions. The main factors for the above are temperature

  • vibration
  • relative humidity
  • salt environment
  • dust
  • corrosive atmospheres
  • available load & current harmonics

S.No Description
1 Correcting the defects, if any noticed by customer during operation.
2 before start the work checking the IR value of the busbar/control bus.
3 Remove dust from the switch board using a vaccum cleaner/ brush /cloths. a) Surface of top plates. b) Ventilator mesh c) Wire mesh of IP40.
4 Clean withdrawable and removable parts Outside the switch board.
5 100% Visual inspection of busbar connections with conical washers manufactured on site.
6 Check status of control fuses, HRC fuse and MCB's.
7 Checking of earthing connection.
8 Ventilation wire mesh in enclosure parts and internal seperation sheets have been vacuum cleaned.
9 Checking of connected cables and leads for proper fitness.
10 Cleaning of withdrawable and removable parts.
11 Cleaning of isolating lyra contacts and after drying regreasing in draw-out feeders.
12 Checking tightness of terminals in control bus and main bus.
13 Checking and cleaning of partition insulators / seperators and panel interiors.
14 Removal of dust and lubrication of all moving parts.
15 Checking tightness of control wiring at terminals.
16 verify the proper engagement of male & Female power contact. for drawable feeders.
17 Checking healthiness of space heater and thermostat.
18 Door close properly and have been alligned if necessary.Damaged door locks have been replaced.
19 Door with lockable fasteners have been closed and locked and the specified tumbler arrangement has been checked.
20 Visual check of gaskets.
21 General checking of feeder for any abnormal condition.
22 Checking healthness of ventilation fan working condition.
23 Panel meter, indiaction lamps and other HMI operational checks only. If any, testing mandated by any fault condition or customer requirement shall be on chargeable basis.
24 IR test for main busbar and control busbar.
25 verify logic of the scheme, electrical feeder operation.
26 Micro-processor release testing on ACB
27 Protection relays (O/C, E/F, Differential and REF and other protection relays) secondary injection test.
28 CT, PT ratio tests.
29 Panel meters calibration.
30 Painting. (If Required)
31 Contact resistance test on busbar joints.
32 Contact resistance test on ACB's.
33 Timing test on ACB's.